eric setz
about the simplicity of cynism


In 2017 I made as series of ten works in response to a number of social-political and economical issues.

In each work I contrasted the contemporary cynicism of distrust with the more hopeful philosophical cynicism. To put it bluntly: the impossibility of politics, society and economy versus 'bringing man closer to nature'. It is the cynicism of this simplicity, the empty flatness as I see it, that I expressed in this series

With regard to the technical side of the paintings, I established five painting principles in advance that should be visible in every work:

- planes and lines
- precise / not precise
- simplified composition
- painting about painting
- handwriting no handwriting

The titles of the works are derived from the Diet Coke advertisement Just For the Taste of It. A slogan that represents the idea I wanted to express in this series.