eric setz
about flat lines in my work


The images in this part roughly show the development of the flat painted lines in my work over a period of more than 20 years.

I started working with flat painted lines in abstract paintings that were entirely based on them. Often combined with the exploration of other techniques.

Gradually I began using the flat painted lines in paintings of people as well. Sometimes tracing the human shapes. Else just the opposite or in other ways.

I tried to discover what new aspects they could provide in those works. As in most of my paintings this way of working contributes to the concept of melting and separating abstraction and figuration.

From time to time I stop using the flat painted lines, as when I get bored or if they do not lead to new insights. At those times I focus on other techniques like transparency or limited use of colour.

Lines return when I come to think about new ways of using them. Using them again is more complex in order to avoid repetition. At the same time they become easier to work with as I already know the basics of them.

As long as the flat painted lines help me find new ways of combining change and technique they probably will be showing up in my work.