eric setz
about my work



The general idea I am working on is to express the variable interrelation between meaning, change en technique in the present. This makes change the liquid part of my work.

Putting myself into perspective I extract meaning from my view of today's society that I abstractly comment on by cynicism, humor and ridicule. Abstractly to leave room for myself and interpretation. The moment of recording determines how I put meaning in that registration.

In each work the challenge is to present the medium I choose in such a way that I can convey the illusion of what I want to emphasize at that moment. In the design of that process, technology offers the visual latitude in which I can experiment and find new ways to express.

The registration and approach of my general idea may be clear from the start. But it can also be a gradually developing process. In reflection, this may lead to unica's that mark a turning point or sidetrack.

Series arise when meaning, change and technique meet in the context of that moment, coherently or not. Each in their own or supporting role as I choose and discover them.